Current committee


Although in 1858, some enthusiastic oarsmen established Calcutta Rowing Club, a lot had happened after that with the passage of time. The governing body has changed over the time whenever required. As our club is completely inspired and influenced by British rowing since inception, a great number of reputable British people were part of governance for prolonged time. We have different other advisory panels and committees that report to the governing council through committee members. The exclusive other groups include medical team, safeguarding vulnerable team, finance management, championship organised, coaching panel, hospitality service group and facility service crew. At present, we have a committee to manage our affairs and the executive committee of 2016-17 consists of following honorary persons

President – Mr. Tapan Mitra

Vice-Presidents – Mr. Malay Mukul Ghosh and Mr. Goutam Banerjee

Honorary Secretary – Mr. Chandan Roy Chowdhury

Honorary Treasurer – Mr. K R Sriram

Captains of the Boat – Mr. Giri Chaturvedi

Bar Member – Mr. Dipankar Ghosh

Committee Member – Mr. Argha Mitra

Committee Member - Mr. Goutam Saha

Committee Member - Mr. Subha Chakrabarty

Committee Member – Mr. Goutam Bhattacharya

Co-opted Committee Member – Mr. Shantanu Banerjee